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I'm a lover of great movies that have an edge to them.  They tend to be either dark, weird, subversive, and/or really funny.  You'll find no so-called "chick flicks" here.  This is a curation site for cool movies, as I don't actually write reviews.  By clicking on each movie, you're one click away from reviews, where to watch, along with the accompanying trailer.  Each category is self explanatory, aside from the "Funny" section.  The movies in that section aren't necessarily comedies, but they do have very humorous elements.  


While there are movies here that are really well known, I've tried not to include too many obvious classics.  Most anything by Tarantino, P.T. Anderson, or the Coen Brothers would be prime candidates for this site.  But if you like this site, you've probably seen most or all of their movies.  

Unfortunately, I only add movies that I'm fairly blown away by, so I don't update that often.  But I hope you enjoy the films that are here.  Please let me know if you like them, or have any other great movie recommendations. I'm always watching!

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